Recruitment Specialist / Assistant

4000 - 7000







Job responsibilities:
1. Confirm the company's annual recruitment plan and budget, communicate recruitment needs with departments, and be responsible for recruitment;
2. Select and maintain recruitment channels, expand new recruitment channels, publish recruitment advertisements and participate in various recruitment fairs;
3. Responsible for resume screening, interview notification, recruitment, and preliminary human resources examination;
4. Conduct salary negotiation, arrange candidates for employment and arrange physical examination;
5. Responsible for recruitment effect analysis, recruitment report statistics, etc;
6. Other tasks assigned by leaders.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in human resources, administration and other related majors;
2. At least one year of relevant working experience in human resources, excellent graduates can relax the employment conditions;
3. Familiar with office software; Familiar with human resources system and understand labor contract law and relevant personnel policies and regulations is preferred;
4. Strong self-learning ability and strong awareness of self-improvement, including recruitment skills, communication skills and knowledge;