Senior Solution Manager

10000 - 20000







Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for developing intelligent integrated solutions in the field of atmospheric environment monitoring;
2. Organize the development of innovative field solutions in line with market trends or key customer needs;
3. Participate in the preparation of project proposal, fund application report, preliminary design and other design documents, and assist in promoting the implementation of the project;
4. Assist the product R & D department to convert industry specific solutions into landing product project initiation schemes;
5. Collect industry cutting-edge information such as emerging application cases and technical solutions to form an application solution library.
6. Establish product library and update it in time; Collect the latest products and service solutions, and grasp the changes of competitors and market demand.
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, with 5 years of working experience in environmental protection (atmosphere, water and soil);
2. Industry consulting planning and familiar with the situation of foreign environmental protection field is preferred;
3. Computer, software engineering, electrical automation, environmental engineering, environmental monitoring, atmospheric science, water supply and drainage, urban management and other related majors are preferred;
4. Have experience in smart city design and construction, understand the industry's smart city construction ideas, smart city solution composition and planning, and have undertaken major project delivery personnel (such as smart environmental protection, smart Park, smart transportation, smart tourism, smart medical treatment, smart agriculture, etc.) is preferred;
5. Have the ability of overall consultation, planning, scheme design and pre-sales support, understand AI, big data and blockchain technology, and have the ability to understand big environmental protection scenarios is preferred;
6. Strong plan execution ability, organization and coordination ability, and interpersonal skills.