Data analysis engineer

4000 - 6000







Job responsibilities:
1. Be responsible for data processing and collection of air pollutants and provide data support;
2. Can independently complete comprehensive data analysis report and project scheme preparation;
3. Be responsible for data acquisition and data deletion of atmospheric monitoring instruments;
4. Data analysis of key instruments, submission of data analysis report and data application research;
5. Multi instrument data joint analysis, submit data analysis report and data joint application research;
Job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, learning experience in atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric physics, environmental science, environmental chemistry, meteorology, mathematics and other related majors;
2. Good big data processing and analysis ability, proficient in PPT, Excel and other office software;
3. Cheerful personality, strong team spirit and sense of responsibility, strong pressure resistance, strong communication and coordination ability and logical thinking ability;
4. Adapt to occasional overtime and medium and long-term business trips;
5. It is preferred to have worked as a student cadre in the University, participated in national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, and worked as a data analysis, sorting and reporting.