Job title

Age range


Experience requirements

Work place


WPF Engineer


Bachelor degree



Job responsibilities:
1. Responsible for modification, commissioning and development of existing and new projects of the company;
2. Assist R & D Manager to complete product software design documents and related documents;
3. Unit test and integration test of software;
4. Troubleshoot the problems encountered in field implementation and operation and provide solutions.
Job requirements:
1. Major in computer and software engineering, engaged in WPF software development for more than one year, with rich object-oriented design and development ability;
2. Familiar with c# language and VS.NET development environment. Understand common design patterns, MVC, MVVM and other frameworks;
3. Familiar with WPF front-end development and various properties of WPF, with at least 2 complete WPF project development experience;
4. Skillfully use blend to make any interface and master the making method of self drawing controls;
5. Familiar with c#'s multithreading, WCF, socket programming, serial communication and interprocess communication;
6. Proficient in SQL Server database, familiar with MySQL and PostgreSQL database development;
7. Knowledge of data structure and algorithm;
8. Have excellent team spirit and professional quality, can bear hardships and stand hard work, and have strong learning ability.
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