Job title

Age range


Experience requirements

Work place


Regional Sales Manager


Bachelor degree



Job responsibilities:
1. Development of end customers in environmental protection, meteorology and other industries;
2. Be responsible for establishing and continuously expanding the local sales network and establishing long-term and stable cooperative relations with major dealers and customers in the region;
3. Be responsible for the market dynamics and development trend of the region under its jurisdiction, and implement the corresponding sales and achieve the corresponding sales objectives according to the law of market change;
4. Formulate customer demand plan and be able to communicate with customers from both technical and market aspects;
5. Formulate bidding and tendering documents and coordinate the implementation of all details and documents during the implementation of the project;
6. Be responsible for the coordination of customer relations and the development and integration of customer resources;
7. Be responsible for signing the sales contract and returning the payment on time
Job requirements:
1. Previous excellent graduates should be given priority and targeted training.
2. Bachelor degree or above, major in environmental protection, meteorology, optics or marketing;
3. Want to participate in environmental protection, meteorology and other industries;
4. Able to travel for a long time in other provinces (more than 15 days a month);
5. Be down-to-earth, diligent and proactive;
6. Good communication skills, rigorous planning and organization skills, strong execution
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