Pollutant traceability remote sensing monitoring service
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Pollutant traceability remote sensing monitoring service

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System introduction

  Our company has produced and developed many types of atmospheric environment monitoring lidars, including: particle lidar, particle flux lidar, ozone lidar, wind profile lidar and other instruments. At the same time, the independent development of the lidar networking platform facilitates the analysis of the causes of pollution sources, supervision and reporting. The lidar networking platform can be combined with equipment to achieve a complete process of real-time monitoring-discovery-registration-inspection-processing. Divide the staff by area and task, and perform multiple tasks at the same time to ensure the timely processing of the discovered pollution sources and real-time viewing and processing of published events. It can be found at any time and solved at any time, which not only improves work efficiency but also reduces work intensity.

  Through independent research and development and production of hardware equipment and software platform systems, establish its own pollution traceability team to provide customers with professional monitoring team and data analysis team services. Data collection through lidar equipment is used to find the source of pollution in time, and at the same time, a professional team conducts on-site investigation and report, and analyzes the cause of the pollution source, and cooperates with the owner to rectify the pollution source to avoid repeated pollution caused by multiple pollution discharges of the same type of pollution. At the same time, it takes advantage of lidar and data platform to assist third-party tools, such as drones, satellite remote sensing, high-altitude observation and navigation monitoring, etc., to facilitate early-stage pollution investigation and evidence collection, and later-stage pollution comparison. Highly informatized and convenient monitoring equipment, stable comprehensive data networking platform and professional team can provide owners with reliable, convenient and accurate services, and make a contribution to defending the blue sky.


system functions

  • Grid-based pollution investigation, lock pollution areas and pollution sources
  • Quickly investigate the leakage of the enterprise secretly
  • Emergency monitoring for emergencies
  • Determine local production and external transportation of pollutants
  • Particle flux monitoring


System applications


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