Atmospheric environment movement monitoring
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Atmospheric environment movement monitoring

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System introduction

  In recent years, the atmospheric environment mobile monitoring system has been gradually popularized and applied in the process of air pollution traceability, early warning and treatment. It has achieved large-scale, long-term, multi-parameter comprehensive monitoring. It can depict the three-dimensional distribution of pollutants, respond to the pollution process in a timely manner, and investigate the source of pollution, becoming a powerful tool in the field of environmental monitoring. The monitoring vehicle is equipped with diversified air pollution traceability high-end equipment such as particle lidar and meteorological five parameters, with highly integrated monitoring data and three-dimensional high-precision electronic map, it can measure while walking, find and accurately locate the location of pollution sources in time, explain the causes of pollution, pollution sources, and pollution trends. It has strong mobility and timeliness in responding to severely polluted weather and sudden pollution incidents, and monitors pollution control. The emission of waste plays an important role.

  The atmospheric environment mobile monitoring system can monitor the environmental air quality, atmospheric aerosols (flying dust), atmospheric boundary layer, the temporal and spatial evolution and characteristics of cloud structure in real time online, and track the transmission and diffusion of pollution in the area. The system has the characteristics of high stability, high precision and high resolution. At the same time, it has three monitoring modes: navigation monitoring, on-board fixed-point monitoring, and on-board scanning and monitoring. It can scan the air pollution in three dimensions and omni-directionally, and provide superior data support for related business monitoring and research.


System functions

  • Traceability of pollution source
  • VOCs navigation monitoring
  • Five meteorological parameters monitoring
  • Grid investigation of jurisdiction
  • Pollution source traceability
  • Boundary layer height monitoring
  • Urban three-dimensional grid monitoring


System applications





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