PM CaChe high energy lidar

PM CaChe high energy lidar

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1.Product Introduction

  PM Cache is one of the high-energy lidar products, belonging to the high-power millijoule lidar. In the same weather conditions, compared with micropulse lidar, it has better time resolution and signal-to-noise ratio, and the monitoring period is shortened by about 10 times. It can provide rapid scanning and rapid image of atmospheric aerosols. The detection altitude and data validity in weather are significantly improved compared with micro-pulse lidar.

  Traditional high-energy lidars are bulky and heavy, which limits their use scenarios. AVORS Technology’s PM Cache lidar, after optimized design of components, is currently the largest power lidar with smaller size and weight on the market. It is suitable for vehicle-mounted mobile laboratories and field observations, and plays an important role in the development of a new generation of high-power lidar technology.


PM CaChe high energy lidar


2.Product application

✔ Heavy pollution weather haze monitoring

✔ Traceability of sensitive area pollution sources

✔ Spatial and temporal evolution of atmospheric aerosols

✔ Pollution boundary layer height monitoring

✔ Cloud base height and cloud thickness detection

✔ Tracking and locating of pollution sources

✔ Urban dust monitoring

✔ Monitor nocturnal sneaky emissions

✔ Help with air Station site selection

✔ Analysis of particle concentration distribution

✔ Trace the diffusion path and range of particulate matter


3.Technical characteristics

● In heavy pollution weather, the detection distance is further and the imaging effect is good

● Better daytime detection ability

● Scan a week only 6 minutes

● High integration, small volume and weight

● 7×24h continuous scanning

● IP65 protection grade, the whole machine all-weather outdoor work

● 360° all-directional scanning Angle adjustable

● High precision 3D GIS support

● Intelligent remote sensing monitoring, remote control

● Can be used for radar stereo networking


4.Technical parameter

Detection range

25Km (ideal weather)

Scan range

Level 7Km (Visibility 10Km)

Spatial resolution


Time resolution


Polarization function

With polarization

Laser wavelength


repeat frequency

2000Hz-4000Hz (software can be set)

Pulse energy

1000μJ software adjustable



Operating temperature


Working humidity


data transmission


Scan function

Horizontal scan: 0-360° continuous rotation

Vertical scan: 0-±90°

Image Acquisition


Weather station

Optional accessories, wireless transmission

Optical skylight

Optional accessories, automatic cleaning

PM CaChe High energy lidar

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