Portable Particle Lidar (Aerosol Lidar)

Portable Particle Lidar (Aerosol Lidar)

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1.Product introduction

  In 2013,AVORS Technology launched the outdoor all-weather, portable particulate matter lidar for the first time in the company. After several years of practical testing, it has been continuously upgraded and improved. The current performance and stability are relatively superior.

  The laser radar is transmitted from the laser beam to the atmosphere through the optical antenna. By interacting with the atmospheric aerosol, using the intensity and polarization characteristics of the echo signal, the parameters of aerosol (extinction coefficient, depolarization ratio, spherical particle, non-spherical particle, horizontal visibility, boundary layer height, cloud base height) and its physical properties (particulate matter, sand, ice crystal cloud, etc.) can be obtained by inversion.


2.Product application

✔ Tracking and locating of pollution sources

✔ Urban dust monitoring

✔ Monitor nocturnal sneaky emissions

✔ Haze monitoring analysis

✔ Dust process monitoring

✔ Pollution boundary layer monitoring

✔ Particle flux monitoring

✔ Cloud base height detection


3.Technical features

● 7 & times; 24h continuous scanning

● IP65 protection grade the whole machine all-weather outdoor work

● 360° all-directional scanning Angle adjustable

● Running mobile power supply for 15h

● High precision 3D GIS support

● Intelligent remote sensing monitoring, remote control

● 10 minutes for installation and deployment, easy to move the experiment and change the observation site

● High compatibility, especially suitable for the application of radar stereo networking


4.Application scenarios

● Horizontal scanning


Portable Particle Lidar (Aerosol Lidar)


● Vertical monitoring

Portable Particle Lidar (Aerosol Lidar)


● Vehicle navigation monitoring


Portable Particle Lidar (Aerosol Lidar)


● 3D reproduction of pollution data


Portable Particle Lidar (Aerosol Lidar)


Portable Particle Lidar (Aerosol Lidar)


5.Technical parameters




Detection range

25km (Ideal weather)

Scan range

Horizontal 5km (visibility 10km)

Polarization functions

With the polarization

The laser wavelength


Pulse energy


Positioning function


Working temperature


Working humidity


Peak power


Scan Function Scan horizontally

0-360°Continuous rotation


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