Flux Cache particle Flux monitoring lidar

Flux Cache particle Flux monitoring lidar

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1.Product introduction

At present, particle lidar monitoring can obtain the distribution characteristics of high-altitude particle concentration, but due to the lack of high-altitude wind speed and direction data, the transmission direction and intensity information of particles cannot be obtained, that is, the transport flux of particles cannot be obtained. AVORS flux monitoring laser radar can detect particulate concentration profile and the wind profile to output particle flux results. That is, the instantaneous mass concentration of particles at a certain height in space and the transmission direction obtained according to the wind direction are used to judge the direction and quantity of the transmission of particles, and to identify the mutual influence of particle pollution between different regions.


2.Product application

✔ Monitoring of particle transport flux

✔ Monitoring the influence of particulate matter transport between regions

✔ Dust transport monitoring

✔ Diffusion condition monitoring


3.Technical features

● High portability, quick installation

● Low power consumption

● Laser eye safety

● IP65 protection grade, the whole machine all-weather outdoor work

● Attitude automatic correction function, can be vehicle, shipboard real-time dynamic monitoring


4.Application scenarios


Portable 3D scanning particle lidar

Portable 3D scanning particle lidar


In the figure above, the superposition of particle concentration and wind direction shows the relationship between wind speed and wind direction at different heights and particle concentration.

The flux results in the figure below show that the negative fields represent the output of particulate matter at different altitudes over time, and the positive fields represent the input.


5.Technical parameters



Flux Cache

Technical indicators


Detection principle

Principle of Doppler pulse laser detection

Detection range

Flux profile 3km

Wind speed range


The power supply mode

Voltage: AC220V 50HZ

Power consumption


The weight

Host weight≦60Kg


Portable 3D scanning particle lidar

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